Pharmaceutical Preparedness

Master Risk Control 

and Emergency Response

Navigate complex regulatory environments, ethical dilemmas, and patient interactions

navigating challenges

Make critical decisions in a real-life training scenario

Empower your team to navigate through drug recalls, quality control hurdles, regulatory compliance or adverse events

Pharmaceutical employees and contractors step into their specific role in a realistic workplace scenario that mirrors real-life challenges; they make difficult decisions and experience memorable consequences. These consequences guide their progress, encourage reflection and provide a deep appreciation for compliance procedures and the challenges they might face. 

Pharmaceutical worker carrying out compliance training


For Unique Performance Issues


Learn to respond to chemical spills and safely handle hazardous materials

Emergency Evacuation 

Inspire workers to follow evacuation protocols in the event of a fire or other emergency situations


Strengthen response and mitigate potential risks around cybersecurity threats or data breaches

First aid and 
medical emergencies

Strengthen first aid procedures or respond to allergic reactions or cardiac arrest

Good manufacturing practices

Inspire workers to adhere to GMP guidelines and procedures to maintain product quality


Boost workers adherence to industry standards and avoid compliance violations

Ignite worker compliance with stringent pharma risk control

Empower Preparedness

Emergency Management Plans encompass critical responses 

Understanding and executing emergency procedures often take a back seat in the busy lives of workers, contributing to chaos during actual emergencies

At Trainify, we recognise that employees need to comprehend emergency plans, but also apply them confidently and efficiently. Our scenario-based training allows key personnel from the emergency response team to step into the shoes of their characters and navigate such real-life critical events

Realistic Skill

Learners develop expertise in areas relevant to their roles such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making.

Enhanced Emotional

Learners emotional response promotes better retention and deeper understanding of the impact their actions can have.

Contextual Learning and Transferability

Learners gain confidence and familiarity with the specific challenges and complexities they may encounter.

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