How we Helped The Irish Naval Service Boost Confidence in Firefighting in 30 Days

Using Immersive Interactive Video. No VR Headsets, Expensive Props and Logistical Nightmares




felt the training enhanced their emotional intelligence and decision-making under pressure


felt the training reinforced their adherence to their organisations' Standard Operating Procedures


felt motivated to stay well-prepared and informed about the training concepts following the training



The Irish Naval Service faced a daunting challenge – conventional drills lacked the emotional and physical realism to truly prepare crews for real crisis situations. While full-scale emergency simulations provided valuable training, they were prohibitively expensive and unfit for regular refreshers. The client needed an immersive, high-pressure solution that could sharpen critical thinking, decision-making, and practical skills without staging costly, complex simulations – one that evoked real emotions and built unwavering confidence in the face of real emergencies.


Performance Analysis




Video Production


Instructional Design


Motion Design


Mobile Responsive


Instructional Videos




User Experience (UX)


E-Learning Development


User Testing


Performance Evaluation


Accessible Training That Built Real-World Confidence

We fostered a vital sense of urgency by letting trainees encounter failure’s emotional weight – safely. This controlled exposure drove powerful lessons home, providing a space to recalibrate, gain insights, and emerge fortified

Training Needs Analysis

We began by thoroughly assessing the client’s training needs. Through extensive discussions and observing trainees, we gained a deep understanding of their emergency procedures, equipment usage, goals, and performance challenges.

Solution Design

Using insights from the needs assessment, we thoughtfully designed an immersive, interactive emergency scenario. We storyboarded realistic decision points and consequences that directly addressed trainees’ issues, fostering humility and challenging unrealistic expectations.


To bring the design to life, we leveraged multimedia production techniques. Cinematic visuals, authentic sounds, and unfolding events created a highly engaging, emotionally resonant experience that simulated the intensity of high-stress emergencies.

Reinforcement and Implementation

After the scenario, a tailored review session reinforced the learnings. Trainees revisited their unique decisions and consequences, solidifying the connection between the training and real-world procedures for a deeper understanding of key principles.

“Found it very relatable as I can see myself in the exact same situation”

“They could use it on all training – a picture paints 1000 words”

“This was a very well made learning experience. It reinforces previous training”

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