A worst-case scenario that nobody thinks will happen to them

It helped me recap what I learned in recruits. I learn better by video than by text, so immersive videos would compliment traditional teaching methods well.


Should definitely be used more on ships for training. Could be rolled out for a lot of other scenarios. Very easy to use.

Critical decision making under high pressure in a training scenario by Trainify


A sense of immediacy was difficult to establish on the training ground.

The main challenges revolved around three key issues:

  • Developing realistic simulations that effectively incorporated psychological and emotional elements.
  • Ensuring trainees achieved proficiency in handling specialised equipment within simulated scenarios.
  • Overcoming limitations on accessing real confined spaces for training purposes.

What we did


Training Needs Analysis


Focus Groups


Content Development


Storyboarding & Scriptwriting


Media Production


Interactive Element & Gamification


Instructional Videos


Performance Report (Debrief)


Graphic Design


Prototype & User Testing


Training Evaluation


Hosting & Maintenance


‘Don ELSA’ or ‘Climb Ladder’?

Through close collaboration with key stakeholders and subject matter experts (SMEs), we devised a comprehensive and bespoke learning solution

Our thorough training needs analysis identified specific performance goals to address. We didn’t stop there – we created a relatable character, Jones, who closely resembled the learners’ roles and personas.

With an emphasis on stringent safety protocols, our solution immersed learners in an engaging scenario. Trainees took control of a realistic simulation that tackled psychological challenges, enhanced their equipment proficiency, and ensured regulatory compliance.

Going above and beyond, learners received a personalized performance evaluation and a follow-up risk assessment module. This in-depth module capitalised on their scenario experience, using it as a catalyst to spark interest and deepen their understanding of risk assessment principles.

Chlorine contamination in a confined space

Tired of Clickthrough Mandatory Training?

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