Welcome to Trainify

Trainify is a workplace training agency based in Cork, Ireland. We solve unique performance issues related to human factors using immersive video and a sprinkle of storytelling magic


We Aren’t Your Average Training Company

Trainify was born from those moments counting ceiling tiles during lifeless compliance training. It became clear: if we didn’t see the relevance of the content, it didn’t matter.

So, we decided to shake things up. With our combined background in instructional design and short film production, Trainify’s mission was clear: humanise learning with authentic, story-backed videos that tackle the real-life attitudes behind human errors

See What They’re Saying

Our training entertains while educating around delicate or unispiring topics


It’s been such a pleasure working with Trainify. Your work exceeded our expectations. Can’t thank you enough

Maria Looney

EU Project Manager


We were blown away by your work Brendan. These videos are an absolute asset to the NMCI

Halpin Centre

Resarch and Innovation


Very relatable – I can see myself in the exact same situation. Engaging learning experience

Irish Naval Service

Training Evaluation

Ready to Rewire Deeply Ingrained Habits,

Practices, and Mindsets?